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Ghulam Azam denied bail for brother’s funeral

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Ghulam Azam’s wife condemned the court and the Awami League government for preventing the former Jamaat leader from attending his brother’s funeral on Friday.

Mrs. Azam said, “Not allowing Professor Ghulam Azam to attend the funeral of his own brother is a torture from the fascist government:

The Awami League government has proven their barefaced fascist torturous nature by not granting parole to the 91 year old elderly Professor Ghulam Azam to attend the funeral and to see the deceased body of his own youngest brother, Professor Dr Mahdi Uz Zaman (Eng.). This sort of violation of human rights is the manifestation of the government’s depravity and divisiveness. On 1st December, 2012, when the little sister of this imprisoned leader died, even though he was released for a short while on parole, the scene that police and their representatives created in the name of security was an expression of the bare inhumanity of the government. The government’s shameless behaviour is not acceptable by any standard of humanity. We deeply condemn such shameless acts by the government.

We ask the people of this country to pray for the forgiveness of the soul of the departed and for the imprisoned helpless leader and his family. At the same time, we request everyone to vehemently oppose the government’s vicious, barefaced conduct.”

In a statement the acting Jamaat leader, Mr Moqbul Ahmed, also strongly condemned the government for not releasing former Jamaat leader, Prof Ghulam Azam, on parole to participate in his brother’s funeral. He states that, “Ghulam Azam’s younger brother, an Engineer, Dr Mahdi Uzzaman (77) passed away on March 20, 2013. Yesterday, the prayer was held, and a request was made to release Ghulam Azam on parole to attend the prayer. However, the government did not release him, without any reason, and deprived him from attending his brother’s funeral. To deprive a brother from attending his own brother’s funeral in a Muslim country is unexpected, illegal, unwanted, unwelcomed, and an extreme human rights violation. We condemn and protest this fascist behaviour of the government.”


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