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30/09/2014 Ghulam Azam “in critical state”

07/10/13 2nd ICT witness scandal

07/10/13 Economist on war crimes trial

12/09/13 HRW criticises Professor Ghulam Azam’s trial

16/07/13 Full judgement can now be downloaded here

16/07/13 Radio 5 Live interview with Salman Azami

16/07/13 Press Statement from Family of Ghulam Azam

16/07/13 Sheikh Mujib refers to Ghulam Azam as ‘language soldier’

16/07/13 Protest in London following verdict

15/07/13 Statement from Barrister Abdur Razzak 

15/07/13 Statement from Amaan Azmi 

15/07/13 Ghulam Azam wrongfully convicted by ICT statement from Salman Azami

15/07/13 Press statement from Toby Cadman re wrongful conviction

15/07/13 Verdict expected today

03/07/13 Article by Ghulam Azam’s son on Father’s Day

16/06/13 Ghulam Azam on language movement

15/06/13 New videos with English subtitles added

11/06/13 Ghulam Azam in prison for 17 months

08/06/13 Open letter from Lords Avebury and Carlile to UN

08/06/13 Family History added to Biography section

28/05/13 Update on Professor Ghulam Azam

05/05/13 Mrs Afifa Azam: Open Letter to Hasina

04/05/13 Prof Saiyed Ali Ahsan on Ghulam Azam

22/4/13 HRW submission on Bangladesh

22/4/13 Interview with Mamoon Al-Azami (eldest son of Ghulam Azam) – Bengali with English subtitles

21/4/13 New articles added to media page – New Statesman and Speech by Salman Al-Azami

21/4/13 Statement from Afifa Azam (wife of Ghulam Azam)

21/4/13 Analysis of Professor Ghulam Azam’s case

19/4/13 Conclusion of arguments in ICT case

23/3/13 Professor Azam denied right to attend brother’s funeral

21/3/13 Statement from Afifa Azam, on Ghulam Azam’s thoughts on the current situation in Bangladesh

20/3/13 Sad news of death of Ghulam Azam’s brother Dr. Mahdi Uz Zaman

18/3/13 New document on Ghulam Azam’s representations to Saudi authorities following the creation of Bangladesh on Biography page

7/3/13 New page on Statements by International bodies

4/3/13 Salman Azami on Bangladesh’s ICT and Shahbag on Al Jazeera Inside Story on Media page

28/2/13 Article on Free speech in Bangladesh here

25/2/13 Islamic Human Rights Commission Action Alert re: Ghulam Azam

25/2/13 New sample letter to MPs available here

21/2/13 Ghulam Azam’s son writes about his role in the language movement

19/2/13 Interview with Salman Azami on illegal war crimes trial and Professor Ghulam Azam’s innocence on Al Jazeera English

06/01/13 Retrial plea rejected


Legal submission for retrial of Professor Ghulam Azam


Human Rights Watch calls for a retrial due to serious failings in the ICT


The Economist publishes its widely anticipated article on Bangladesh’s International Crimes Tribunal.


ICT chairman issues order accusing The Economist of hacking his private phone and skype conversations. See here for further details.


Ghulam Azam taken ill and denied medical attention by authorities. See here for further information


Defence witnesses limited to 12 by ICT tribunal. The defence counsel have been refused two foreign expert witnesses willing to testify for Professor Ghulam Azam.


Ghulam Azam indicted for war crimes by the International Crimes Tribunal. See here for further details.


A bizarre day at the ICT on Thursday to say the least! It seems that in presenting formal charges Jamaat-e-Islami leader Abdul Quader Molla, the hapless prosecution counsel, Mr Sultan Mahmud, earned the dissatisfaction of the judges when he consistently made errors of historical fact, wrongly named officers of the Pakistani Army and even the names and titles of the tribunal judges!


The prosecution produced a video as part of their evidence. The 55 minute documentary did not have any footage of Ghulam Azam at all. See here for more information.


The hearing on the formal charges against Professor Ghulam Azam’s charges at the International Crimes Tribunal began this afternoon. The verdict on Azam’s bail petition has been delayed until 23 February.


Ghulam Azam’s bail petition has been delayed. It may be held tomorrow but the date has not yet been given. The Bangladesh government will by now be aware that the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has stated that the detention of other political leaders is in contravention of Article 9 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.


Ghulam Azam’s bail petition is to be filed on Monday, with the hearing for it expected on Tuesday


Ghulam Azam’s youngest son publishes article in Naya Diganta on his father’s arrest. The article (in Bangla) can be found here. A translation will follow shortly.


The family continues to have concerns regarding Ghulam Azam’s health and treatment in custody. He has not yet been charged, let alone convicted of any crimes yet is being treated very poorly. He has only recently been given access to his lawyers and is still being denied reading material and regular contact from the family.

Recent news reports regarding Ghulam Azam:

2 counsels to meet Ghulam Azam
Lawyers permitted to meet Ghulam Azam
Ghulam Azam’s vision, hearing deteriorating: Dr Abdullah

ICT permits 2 lawyers to meet Ghulam Azam


Ghulam Azam’s son, Amaan Azmi responded to allegations that he was involved in the recent “foiled coup” by Army officers. He strongly denied the accusations, saying that he had served the army for 30 years with honour and would support punishment of anyone involved in such a plot. Further information here.


Professor Ghulam Azam was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for an MRI scan today. He was then transferred back to BSMMU hospital until further notice. No date has yet been given for his transfer to prison, however his family are continuing to lobby for bail or as a minimum, division when in prison. He continues to suffer from a number of medical problems, including back pain and gallbladder problems.

A member of the defence team was arrested and detained today for photocopying documents.


Ghulam Azam remains in hospital. The previous low quality of food has improved since his family made complaints about this, although it is still inadequate. Despite media reports announcing him to be fit and well, he suffers from a number of age-related complaints including back pain, requiring regular physiotherapy. He has also been denied access to a Quran, which violates universal human rights standards. An application for division [a higher standard of prison accommodation] has been made.

An article was published in Amader Shomoy today which states that the UN Human Rights Commission has demanded that the Bangladeshi Government explain the arrest of political leaders including Matiur Rahman Nizami. This letter, sent by the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention was written to the government on September 12th requesting a response within 60 days, however this deadline has since been extended. This demonstrates the level of international concern about the so-called International Crimes Tribunal, and we await further comment from the UN with interest.


  1. MA says:

    Can you please upload the letter (in english) of United Nations Human Rights Council to Bangladesh Government?

  2. Sabina Surma says:

    Yes !! free him and send him to International war crimes tribunal !!
    Perfect plan !!

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