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Prof Ghulam Azam’s Youngest Brother Passes Away


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The youngest brother of Prof Ghulam Azam, Dr Mahdi Uz Zamaan, passed away from heart failure on the morning of Wednesday March 20 2013 in Bangladesh. Dr Zaman had been unwell for some time. He was aged 77.

Dr Zaman led an illustrious academic career as an electrical and electronics engineer. A first-class graduate of BUET in Dhaka Bangladesh, the country’s leading institution for engineering, he went on to gain a scholarship to complete his Masters and PhD in UK during the 1960s.

After working for some years in the UK, including as a research fellow at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, Dr Zaman returned to Bangladesh where he served as a professor at BUET. He also served as a Dean of Faculty of Engineering and as a Visiting Professor at a number of different universities in Bangladesh till his retirement a few years ago.

Recently, he dedicated his time in charitable work, providing financial support to a number of Islamic charities and funding madrasas (Islamic schools), including creating an endowment fund for his charitable work.

Dr Mahdi Uz Zaman leaves behind five children: one son and four daughters. Following in his father’s footsteps, Dr Zaman’s son is also an accomplished academic. Meanwhile, two of his daughters are established medical doctors.

Bail is being sought on Thursday for Professor Ghulam Azam in order to attend Dr Mahdi Uz Zaman’s funeral, which is scheduled for Saturday March 23, 2013. This date may change to Sunday depending on receipt of bail, and the arrival of some of Dr Zaman’s children from abroad.

This latest bereavement follows on from the death of Professor Ghulam Azam’s youngest sister, Jannat Ara, who passed away on December 1st 2012.

We pray for Allah’s mercy and rewards to shower on the deceased. We pray for their forgiveness and salvation.

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