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The following are some media appearances and articles of note:

Al Jazeera English Inside Story with Salman Azami and Tridib Deb 

Speech by Salman Azami on International Crimes Tribunal (17/4/13): 

Interview of Salman Azami (son of Professor Ghulam Azam) on Al Jazeera English (18/2/13)

New Statesman article 19/4/13 Forty years on, Bangladesh still in the shadows of war 

Shahbag protest and Mob Rule in Bangladesh 

Amnesty International 15th Feb 2013 : Bangladesh: Resist pressure to push for death sentences at war crimes tribunal 

Laws of Passion: the Shahbag Protests in Bangladesh

Recent News re ICT Judge and Ahmed Ziauddin

The Telegraph blog: The Economist Sued 

The Economist Banyan blog: Discrepancy in Bangladesh

Huffington Post: Economist Magazine faces contempt in Bangladesh

Amar Desh (Bangla): Transcripts of conversations

Media appearances

ATN Bangla interview (subtitled in English)

Daily Sangram interview

International Crimes Tribunal

John Cammegh on ICT Please see full transcript here: 

Steven Kay (eminent human rights lawyer) on ICT

Toby Cadman on ICT, Bangladesh

Articles and reports

UN Working Group Opinion on ICT

HRW: Investigate Alleged Abduction of War Crimes Witness

Crimes of War – The International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh –  will Justice prevail?

Letter from Human Rights Watch to Sheikh Hasina, May 18 2011

The Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal: Reconciliation or Revenge by John Cammegh

The Times article on International Crimes Tribunal 21 Nov 2011


Politician’s disappearance fuels Bangladesh Crisis

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