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Complaint filed regarding disappearance

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Syeda Afifa Azam, the wife of late Ghulam Azam, has filed a general diary entry at Ramna Model police station seeking the whereabouts of her son Abdullahil Amaan Azmi, who was recently abducted by men claiming to be members of Detective Branch of police.
The general diary entry was filed at around 10 pm on Wednesday towards Ramna Model police station Officer in Charge (OC). At the time, Mrs. Afifa Azam was accompanied by two lawyers, Advocate Nuruzzaman and Advocate Yusuf Molla, and her grand daughter Bilqis.
On the night of the 22nd of August, ex-Brigadier General Abdullahil Amaan Azmi, the son of Ghulam Azam, was abducted by men in plainclothes claiming to be members of Detective Branch of police. No trace of his whereabouts has been found till now.

On being questioned by media over the issue of the general diary entry at the police station, Advocate Yusuf Molla said, Ramna Model police station Officer in Charge Moshiur Rahman had accepted the general diary entry. Moreover, he had assigned Inspector (Investigation) Ali Hossain to the task of investigating the matter.

On the other hand, a copy of the general diary entry as been obtained as follows,

Officer in Charge,
Ramna Model Police Station,
DMP, Dhaka

Subject: Appeal for General Diary Entry

Dear Sir,

I, the undersigned, an old aged ailing woman, Sayeda Afifa Azam (84), husband late Professor Ghulam Azam, Address 119/2, Kazi Office Lane, Boro Moghbazaar, Subdistrict-Ramna, DMP, District- Dhaka, would like to inform you with due respect that my fourth son Abdullahil Amaan Azmi, aged 57, height 5’6”, skin colour fair, Bangladesh Army ex-Brigadier General, was forcefully taken away along with our house guard and the house maid to an unknown location on 22/08/2016 at around 9 pm by 20-30 miscreants who arrived at the 7th floor of the building at the above address, entered using force and also confiscated 7 mobile phones, one tab and a CPU during the ordeal. I came to know from a guard on the ground floor and our neighbours that there was another group of 25-30 more people stationed outside the house who had come to the location at the same time. They arrived in around twenty vehicles, and my son was taken away in one vehicle with the number plate Dhaka Metro-Gha-14-1680. In the group of 50-60 people, most identified themselves as members of the Detective Branch of police. Later, when we contacted the police station and the office Detective Branch, we were informed that they did not have my son in their custody. On the next day, news regarding the arrest/disappearance of my son was also published in several national newspapers. I am an old woman. Since the rest of my children stay overseas, I have nobody to look after my wellbeing and needs except this one child of mine. The disappearance of my son Abdullahil Amaan Azmi has left me in shock; thus I was unable to inform you of the matter of his disappearance immediately.

At this junction, I sincerely hope and pray that you would initiate the appropriate measures to record the incident of the disappearance of Abdullahil Amaan Azmi as a general diary entry and take appropriate legal measures and provide services to locate his whereabouts immediately.

Yours sincerely,
Sayeda Afifa Azam

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