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Message from Ghulam Azam’s son

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A Message from Abdullahil Amaan Azmi, son of Ghulam Azam:


With due respect to all those who post derogatory comments about Prof Ghulam Azam (PGA), my earnest request to you is to please READ the following CAREFULLY WITH AN OPEN MIND. If, even after that, you think what you posted is true, I can only say, “Sorry, LET US AGREE TO DISAGREE”. And, please remember that this is an academic forum, and it is desirable that no one uses indecent language here, because it will only speak ill of the person who uses filthy language. 

Please use your HEAD (sense) and don’t be swayed by media propaganda. Try to know the fact/ truth and use your logic to come to conclusion. Combine HEAD & HEART, and not heart alone. That is what intelligent/ sensible people do. It is imprudent to decide/ conclude purely based on emotions, without using HEAD.

(1) PGA was NEVER in any govt position in his whole life, NOT even in 1971. How can he have formed and led those forces? Is there any document to support your claim? In the Tribunal, the Investigating Officer (IO), a police officer, after years of investigation, could not produce a single document to justify that he (Prof Azam) formed and led these forces. In fact, there are Gazettes issued by Pakistan Govt in 1971, decreed through the civil servants of that time, including the present Home Minister, which ordered formation of these forces and placement of these forces under Pak Army. How is it possible that a civilian, without any portfolio in any capacity, can have formed and led/ controlled/ directed those forces placed under command of army?

(2) Please be informed that, Mr Abdur Rahim, who was a DIG of Police in 1971, was the Director of Razakar in 1971. After independence, he was promoted as a Secretary to the Govt of Bangladesh. Great reward indeed. No allegation against him because he is not a political threat to the govt. 

(3) All civil servants, police officers, university/ college/ school teachers and all other job holders, who continued to work under Pak Army in 1971 (including Muntassir Mamun’s father who worked directly under Pak Army in Chittagong Port, and his 2 uncles, the present Home Minister and a Dhaka University teacher) were absorbed in their respective positions after 16th December 1971. This includes those who were involved in ordering recruitment, organizing, arranging training, procurement, provisioning, payment of salaries, imposing punishments etc were absorbed by the Bangladesh govt soon after victory. Not only that- almost all of them were promoted to higher positions. And, these are documentary. None of them are charged with any offence committed by Razakars in 1971, whereas PGA is being alleged without any proof or document! Ridiculous!! How justified is it? Is there any answer to this?
The truth is, the people who are unable to face him ideologically and politically have been and still are using media to spread venom against him. I challenge any person on this God’s earth to come out with any proof s/he may have to justify the allegation of PGA’s possible involvement of any kind in organizing, recruiting, forming or leading any of these paramilitary/ auxiliary forces named. I bet my life, there isn’t any, because these are all lies. Had there been any such proof, it is quite natural that the IO would have submitted those in the tribunal, which he didn’t, because he couldn’t since these are false allegations. SO, IF NO ONE CAN GIVE ANY PROOF, I WOULD HUMBLY SUBMIT TO EVERYONE’S GOOD SENSE NOT TO BELIEVE OR SPREAD LIES.

(4) Talking about Peace Committee of 1971, please be informed that, its Central Committee had 140 members, in which he (PGA) was just simply a member, NOT even a small office bearer. How could a simple member of a committee do all the crimes, while people like Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Secretary, Joint Secretaries, Office Secretary, Treasure and other office bearers were all innocent? Is it logical? Is it acceptable? Any sensible person would not accept this argument. Does anyone even know who they (officials) were? Hardly few would know few other names other than PGA. Why then PGA is only under trial, and NO ONE else? The answer is simple – the govt is unable to face PGA ideologically and politically.

(5) PGA appealing (NOT apply) for not recognizing Bangladesh after its birth is an UTTER LIE. Does anyone have any proof that he even appealed for a single time, what to talk of 7 times? IMPOSSIBLE, because there isn’t any element of truth in this. Rather, it was he who tried to persuade Saudi govt, by personally meeting the Kings (King Faisal in 1972 and 1973, and later, King Khaled in 1975) several times, to recognize Bangladesh, and it was because of his untiring effort, personal influence and persuation that the Saudi Embassy was established in Bangladesh in 1977. The sad part of history is that, we know little, and are not interested to find out the truth, but are highly moved by the propaganda of the evil doers. Again, using heart without head!!

(6) If PGA is really a criminal, then WHY: (a) BAL did movement together in 1980s against President Ershad and in 1990s, against BNP? (b) BAL sought his party’s support to form govt in 1991by offering 2 ministries and 7 female MP seats? (c) BAL nominated President candidate, Justice Badrul Hayder, personally met PGA and sought his party’s support in 1971?


I would conclude by requesting all concerned to know our true history before concluding/ judging/ jumping to conclusion. Please do not nourish/ nurture lies, because that only spreads venom and develops hate culture, which is detrimental to our progress and prosperity.

May Allah guide us all in the right path and help us to seek truth.
Thanks a lot for your patience (if you’ve been able to hold it till now!).”

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