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Ghulam Azam: “Unite to Restore Bangladesh”

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Professor Ghulam Azam invites everyone to be united to restore the country- said Mrs Afifa Azam in a statement.

The wife of the former president of Jamaat-e-Islami  Mrs Afifa Azam,  mentioned in a statement on Saturday- the jailed senior leader Professor Ghulam Azam calls all leaders and civil society of the country to dedicate themselves to unite to restore the country. He sincerely calls everyone to rise above the differences of party politics and opinions by avoiding revenge and political conflict; instead to focus on being united together to improve the welfare of the country. He requested his family members to pass this message on during a meeting with them at the BSMU prison cell two weeks ago.

Mrs Azam mentioned in her statement, Professor Ghulam Azam is approaching 91 years of age. Few people in history have been imprisoned at such an old age. Even after conspirators and evil-doers spread countless lies and gossip about him, he still unquestionably remains the popular leader of Global Islamic Movement. Worldwide, many pious Muslims are raising their hands with tears in their eyes to pray for this amazing person. Professor Ghulam Azam is a living legend.

It is sad but true that the soul who was dedicated to establish Allah’s deen is accused of lies as a victim of government’s vengeance. The world is aware of what is happening in the name of justice in the tribunal. The internationally discussed tribunal is being criticised by the whole world includingthe  United Nations regarding its transparency, quality and impartiality. Even those who know the truth of the tribunal, are unable to understand it. Conscientious people are already aware of these issues. Therefore, it is pointless to comment further on this tribunal.

She said Professor Ghulam Azam just past his 430th day in jail. Every day she has to face the question “how are you” many times by her family members. It’s the expression of everyone’s love for him. We are grateful to everyone. He is not entirely well physically. But, by the grace of Allah, he is free of many of the illnesses people over 90 suffer. He is very strong mentally. He does not have an ounce of worry about his own life. The man who spent 60 years of his life with the intense desire of martyrdom, death is of little value to him. He does not care about his death. He knows “the real justice happens with the Lord, not in this world”. We are inspired by him.

Mrs Azam said, he is very concerned about the people, the dirty politics and future of this country. He thinks there is no alternative to working in unity to improve the welfare of the country and the nation. He is earnestly praying that the nation’s leaders will rise above their difference in politics, opinions and find ways to work together to improve and advance the country.

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