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Ghulam Azam’s home attacked

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The Daily Sangram reported that an attempt was made to attack Professor Ghulam Azam’s home on Thursday night.  A translation (retrieved from another source) is below:

An armed gang of militants staged an attack on the house of the former leader of Jammat-e-Islam, Professor Ghulam Azam. Last Thursday, in the dead of the night, the house was attacked by a gang carrying weapons and walkie-talkies, the family reports.

Professor Ghulam Azam’s private secretary Nazmul Haq stated that last Thursday night, at Professor Ghulam Azams Kazi Office Lane residence, 80-100 armed men in 7-8 micro-buses attacked the house. They left their vehicles in the alley leading to Kazi Office Lane, and forced the guard to open the main gate at the entrance to the Lane. 25-30 of the attackers then entered the lane, and asked the owner of the shop opposite to Prof. Ghulam Azam’s house to point out the house, and then forced him to close down the shop.

They positioned themselves in front of the house, and tried to enter the building. The watchman asked them their identity, and for what reason they wanted to enter – they did not answer, but instead were abusive and repeatedly asked for the gate to be opened. They reached through the grille and wrestled with the guard, and attempted to break down the grille. Hearing this commotion , guards and watchmen from neighbouring residences began to come over. When the gang realised that the guard would not at any cost open the main gate, they eventually left. The family members of Prof. Ghulam Azam felt very helpless and frightened, he said. Witnesses report that the gang were armed with sticks, weapons and held walkie-talkies.

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