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Message from Ghulam Azam

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Professor Ghulam Azam gave an interview to the Daily Sangram the night before he was arrested. Please see an excerpt below, which demonstrates his courage in the face of  such hardship:

“My dear brothers, please remember that the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself had to endure a lot of suffering. This is nothing compared to what he faced during the siege at Shib-e Abu Talib. As we have decided to follow in his path, we have to face difficulties. Please don’t worry about us – think about the country, about the people of the country, about the Islamic way of life. If Allah decides to open the door of martyrdom for us, then it is our good fortune, so please don’t worry about us – just keep praying.

And continue your movement in a lawful manner, to save the country, to save its people, to keep its sovereignty. Do not break the law of the country. Do not do anything that will bring sufferings to its people. We are not amongst those who call their supporters to take ten lives in revenge of one life [referring to Sheikh Hasina].  Those who follow the path of the Prophet (peace be upon him) cannot speak so inhumanly. I urge you all to systematically strive hard for the country, for its people, to stop Tipaimukh, to stop transit, to keep the country’s sovereignty. ”


  1. M Riaz wali says:

    May Allah swt keep you steadfast and pray that you are successful in this life and in life hereafter.
    M Riaz Wali

  2. […] tenderness of one more aware of his beloved wife’s suffering than his own. I was reminded of his last message before arrest, calling on his followers to prioritise the protection of the nation and its people […]

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