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Demand a fair trial for Professor Ghulam Azam


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Please continue to campaign against the unfair and illegal trial of Professor Ghulam Azam

Points of note:

  • Following intimidation and the aggressive nature of the Shahbag protests, many defence witnesses have been too afraid for their safety and the protection of their families to appear in court and testify for the accused. Climate of fear undermines this sham tribunal. Prof Azam began with thousands of witnesses, the court limited it [on prosecution request, astoundingly] to twelve, they are now proceeding on just one defence witness statement. This means Prof Azam had a total of one witness permitted in this high profile case of 52 charges that is 42 yrs after the events of 71.
  • The defence lawyers have been harassed and intimidated and lawyers from abroad have been prevented from entering Bangladesh to provide assistance to the defence team.
  • The government have passed a law which allows them to challenge the judge’s sentence in the case – this contravenes international legal agreements that Bangladesh is party to.
  • There is clear evidence of collusion between the government, the original judge Nizamul Hoq (who has since resigned) and prosecutors.
  • Due to the current climate of fear in Bangladesh, there is no possibility of a fair trial and the trial must be moved to an international setting with impartial observers.

Please act now to prevent a serious miscarriage of justice that will seriously damage Bangladesh’s future!

How you can help

Please sign this petition to the UK government if you are a British citizen

Please sign this petition to the US government if you are a US citizen

Join the growing number of voices criticizing the Bangladesh government and its illegal trial: 

Facebook Free Ghulam Azam

Twitter @FreeGhulamAzam

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