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Professor Ghulam Azam taken ill

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Professor Ghulam Azam was found unconscious in his makeshift prison cell at Bangabandhu hospital today by his son former Brigadier General Amaan Azmi. He was conveyed to the emergency observation room after requests from the family who were extremely concerned that his illness had gone apparently unobserved by the prison wardens. Following initial assessment, further neurological examination was advised however the Jail Superintendent refused to allow this and insisted that Azam was returned to his cell without investigation or treatment. The family were refused permission to see him and were not given any further information about his condition.

As shown in the picture above, he appears to be in an extremely weakened state of health and is clearly not being treated with necessary concern for his health and welfare. This shows the Bangladeshi government’s complete disregard for basic human rights of prisoners, in particular of an elderly and frail man.

A statement (in Bengali) by his wife Afifa Azam can also be found here. Mrs Azam’s Statement _26-11-2012_



  1. Abdul Halim says:

    It is totally unjustiable keep such old man in the prison for no exact allegations. State oppression running on him. Behave with shows there is no rule of law in Bangladesh.
    It is gross breach of human rights.
    We condemn such a behaviour to a respected Pearson.

  2. Mohammed Yunus says:

    Why the Banga Desh Prime Minister is so inhuman. What this old fregile Professor can do.
    Please dont kill him before his natural death.
    What benifit you will get by hanging him.
    He is just like your father. What you are doing now might happened to you later.
    So fear ALLAAH and forgive him.
    I hope you are a real MUSLIM and know that our BELOVED PROPHET (PBUH) forgave all his enimies when he came to Makkah.
    So Sister please pardon this poor Uncle.
    ALLAAH will forgive you

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