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More international pressure re unjust ICT

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Pressure is mounting on the Awami League government as the international community continues to criticise the International Crimes Tribunal.

The Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani called upon the Bangladeshi government to stop persecuting Professor Ghulam Azam and other Jamaat-e-Islami leaders, in a letter to Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister.

Open Democracy published an article today on the Bangladeshi Media’s support for the unjust ICT and the policies of the Awami League government.

Amar Desh wrote that the International Criminal Court has agreed to investigate Sheikh Hasina for crimes against humanity, after receiving a submission from UK nationals. Interestingly, this article is now offline, although a cached copy is available on Google.

Cassidy & Co, a “government relations firm” based in Washington, published an article in their blog which stated that “the basis for the creation of the ICT, the International Crimes Act of 1973, is deeply flawed and outdated” and which outlined their fears that if the trial is allowed to continue in its current guise, it will have repercussions for International crimes justice worldwide.

In addition, a number of UK politicians have contacted the Foreign Office and the Bangladeshi High Commission to urge changes to the ICT to ensure justice for those arrested.

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