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Azam’s son responds to False Allegations

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Today, Abdullahil Amaan Azmi (ex-Brigadier General in Bangladeshi Army) held a press conference in which he responded to false media reports that he and his younger brother Numan had been involved in the alleged attempted coup against the Awami League government. He stated the following clearly:

  • That he had no involvement in the alleged coup and would not support any such action
  • He had served the Bangladeshi Army for 30 years with “sincerity, honesty and discipline”
  • No one in the family had any links with anyone named as being involved in the coup
  • Those involved in such actions should be punished
  • That his brother, Numan Azmi, lives in the UK and had never been to Pakistan or Malaysia as suggested in the media and also had no knowledge of or involvement in the coup
  • The media reports are aimed at tarnishing the family’s image after Ghulam Azam’s arrest

His statement was reported widely in the Bangladeshi media. See articles on BDNews24 or The Daily Star for further details on his statement. An English translation will be available shortly on this site.

We strongly condemn this harassment of Ghulam Azam’s family who have been unfairly targeted as a result of his political activities. It also illustrates the lack of consideration of the truth in reporting by some media outlets in Bangladesh.

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  1. Fazle Rabbi says:

    Prof. Ghulam Azam is highly educated, dedicated, honest political and Islamic leader and scholar not only for Bangladesh but also for the whole Muslim ummah. It is completely unlawful, unjust and inhuman to arrest this veteran leader and scholar of great personality at his 90s. We want his immediate and unconditional release.

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