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Letter to the Daily Star

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This letter was written by Professor Ghulam Azam in response to a defamatory article published by The Daily Star on 2nd November 2011. 


Janab Mahfuz Anam


The Daily Star.

Rejoinder: Protest Against A Report Published in Your Paper Dated 2nd November 2011


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah.

A news item has been published in the 2nd November issue (page-1) of your paper in which it is alleged that I took part in the planning of crackdown by the Pakistan Army on 25th March 1971 in Dhaka. The source of this news is a member of the prosecution team which is dealing with ‘war crimes’ cases. In that news, there are a number of allegations against me. All these allegations are baseless, concocted and manufactured. The prosecution team shall never be able to produce any evidence in favour of any of those allegations.

As regards to my meeting with General Tikka Khan, the prosecution team has no direct knowledge. Their statement in this regard is sheer conjecture. It is true that I along with three other party leaders went to see the General. The purpose was purely to prevent further army atrocities and seek their assistance to help the victims, in absence of people’s representatives who were in hiding at that time. In this context, I enclose photocopy of 4 pages (in Bangla) from the 3rd volume of my auto-biography (Jiboney Ja Dekhlam) regarding my visit to General Tikka Khan. English extracts of the relevant portion is also enclosed for your perusal.

May I hope that my rejoinder (including the English extract) protesting the news item will be published in the first page at the appropriate place in your esteemed daily so that the demand of justice is duly fulfilled.


Dated: Dhaka; 9th November 2011. Sincerely Yours,


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